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Training in Film and Animation


Work with award winning  film professionals to create your own animation and live action films through:


  •  Encouraging creative thinking  and  introducing fundamental film making techniques.


  •  Building skills in storyboarding, scripting, editing, sound, animation, camera, and film production.  


  • Providing an accessible and fun pathway for young people and adults  to explore film and to inspire imagination.




To find out more about training in film and animation, please get in touch using the contact page



Media Training for Teachers


  • Animation/Film workshops where teachers can learn practical film making skills and how to apply them in the classroom. 


  • The benefits of using media in schools are wide reaching and teaching film skills to educators give them the tools to use film to engage young people as part of the curriculum 



' I realy enjoyed and learning about animation and film. It is an amazing tool for young people  and I am so glad I learnt the skills to use it '


Lisa Tann - Art teacher, Ty Gwyn Special School


Media Training for Business




  • Looking at how to create your own video to promote you and your business. Presentation techniques


  • Shooting/editing/adding music using imovie and effects on tablets and smart phones.

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