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I make animation films  in 3-D model, drawn, cut out or sand. I also make  documentary and sometimes a mix of animation and documentary .  My career in the arts began with a degree in Fine Art painting, then courses in film making with renowned film makers Joanna Quinn and Robert Breer which led to further training at Kratky Film Studios in Prague. Since then I have worked for broadcast television  as a Director, Writer and Producer. 


I like to work  with the public  to  help make films and give people a voice. I have built up links with schools and communities all over parts of Wales and have made films on many different subjects, from history,  arts or socially based themes. I've worked with the National Museum of Wales extensively in the past as I have a passion for history and making it come alive in film. 

I am  also currently working as a Creative Agent and Practitioner in schools across Wales for the Lead Creative Schools Scheme. funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government.  


Jane Hubbard






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