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The Dalit Voice

Director/Producers:  Jane Hubbard and Katja Stiller


This film was made in Southern India and is about the Untouchables, 

or as they now prefer to be known, as

Dalits. The film tells the story of how the Dalits face discrimination and how  Dalit women are helping to 

reclaim their rights. 








Directors: Jane Hubbard and Karen Rees
This short documentary film was made for Channel 4 and is 
set in the notorious  area of Riverside in Cardiff. Rajahs
was an underground   club  famous for its  clientele,  as we
see Charlie fighting to keep his music and dancing license .  
The King of Rajahs


Director/Producer: Jane Hubbard


This short sequence of animation was made for a

reimagining of Under Milk Wood. These knitted

characters from the play were animated in

Laugharne, West Wales.  

Llareggub Revisited
The Unswept Floor

Director: Jane Hubbard


Inspired by the mosaic The Unswept Floor, housed in the Vatican,   this animated fim tells the history of domestic floors though the ages. Made for S4C this film was the winner of BAFTA Cymru Best Animation, Celtic Media Festival Torc - Best Animation. 

Twenty Four Dollars

Director/Producer;  Jane Hubbard


This sand animation film tells the story of how the island of Manhattan was sold for $24 dollars by the Native Americans. 




Director/Producer: Jane Hubbard


This model animation film tells the story of a couple who re-ignite their marriage at a car boot sale.   Made for S4C

The Car Boot Sale
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