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Lead Creative Schools

' Butetown's Colourful Journey' is a film made as part of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme in Wales. Pupils worked with film-maker Jane Hubbard to make their own film about their lives and why they love Butetown in Cardiff.  

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In Development

Don't Mention the War

The story of my mother Edith Hubbard, who lived through WW2 in Germany. Based on Ediths  memoires, the film tells of events during the war and how she left behind her broken life and came to live in an English rural idyl.  This German woman adopted the British way of life, and in particular loved  British humour.  Though the trauma of war never left Edith, her sense of humour  saw her through to the end  of her life in 2015 at the age of 85.lar, and y maternalyour own text and edit me. It's easy.

 In Production

The Replicant

A short animated film in production by Jane Hubbard. Opera singer Swanhilda Bee is having a good time until one day she is confronted with motherhood......! Using cutout animation with drawn and sand backgrounds.